Mistress Sadie


How do I get to your pics page??

Click the *** button to go to My pics pg. *** NOTE ***I am working on setting up.  Should have this fixed in a few days.  There is a one time fee of $5.00 for access to My pics. (yes it is discreet billing) I will email you the username and pw.  It does not change so you will be able to access My pics anytime you log on. Click here now.

Q -  Will I answer your email? 

A  - As long as it's not disrespectful or a stupid question just to try to get some of My time.  These will be deleted immediately and blocked from any further contact.

Q -  Am I married?

A  - Yes I am and  My Husband is in this lifestyle as well.  He is a Dom also. If you are looking for Him to participate, just ask! 

Q - Do I want to see a picture of your cock?

A - No, I do not and unless I request it, DO NOT send it to Me!  I am well aware of what a man's cock looks like!

As far as My products go:

Q -  Do I do "special" requests for My panties?

A -  Yes I do.  Email Me what you are looking for...IN DETAIL, as to cut down on back and forth emails. I will let you know at that point if I will accomodate your request.  And NO I won't think it's weird.  There isn't a lot that shocks Me anymore.  LOL

Q - Are My shoes very stinky?

A -  Yes, that is why I have them on here for you.  I will not sell you new shoes so don't worry.

Q - Do I do custom videos and picture sets?

A - Yes, I do.  Email Me with DETAILS of exactly what you are wanting and I will let you know if I can accomodate your request.

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